Thursday, 11 June 2020

Wanna see two idiots?

Two very old kids (Chris Arthur and Matthew Trott) standing guard by the statue of their long departed slightly fascisty Dear Leader.


  1. ...Scouts de Venezuela 1968-70. Caballero. Boy Scouts of America 1970-74. Life.

  2. ...and supporter of Hitler and Mein Kampf! This charming man!

  3. The statue has at least one fervent defender: Nigel Farage (a slimy figure who slowly pulled himself up from Far Right racist British fringe oozings and now a strong supporter of American Caudillo Trump)

  4. Henry Ford and Charles Lindberg loved Hitler too. Sue them. The greatest American poet of all time, Ezra Pound, loved fascist.

    Poets love -isms. It's hard to do a genocide w/o them.

    Radovan Karadzic, ‘For Izlet Sarajlic’:

    Convert to my new faith crowd
    I offer you what no one has had before
    I offer you inclemency and wine
    The one who won’t have bread will be fed by the light of my sun
    People nothing is forbidden in my faith
    There is loving and drinking
    And looking at the Sun for as long as you want
    And this godhead forbids you nothing
    Oh obey my call brethren people crowd

  5. I don't think Ford and Lindberg are role models to anyone anymore. Churchill however remains a hero of Conservaworld (are they also unaware of W.'s military ineptitude?) 'The victor writes the history books' he said. He wasn't wrong.

    Of Karadzic one can only hope he's on permanent suicide watch.

    Poets love -isms. You sure you're not a poet? ;-)