Sunday, 28 June 2020

'Cancel culture' or Slimeballs finally biting the Dust?

We report, you decide!

Slimeball 1:

‘Disgusting & sick!’ YouTuber Shane Dawson gets canceled for ‘masturbation joke’ with poster of Will Smith’s 11yo daughter

Slimeball 2:

Losing her marbles:YouTuber Jenna Marbles with 20mn subscribers preventively quits platform over past racist content


  1. Secular religions don't forgive. Cancel the ALL the b*stards til no one's left!

  2. Where is the PURITY we demand! PURITY uber alles!

  3. Whereas you guys demand that every shitlord gets to spew his hateful bile, unopposed. The latter requirement is too easy and 'we' won't stand for it!

    I'm leaving shitlord-style, very personal hate speech comments on each of your decrepit 'heroes' farts. What goes around...

  4. Just waiting till one of them snaps and starts whining or deleting... Not long now...

  5. Oh wait! It's already happened! Your hero microdick Clive deleted my comment!

    You guys are truly priceless!!!

  6. Sorry, but not all sh*tlords are equal. ;p

  7. True. I can reach the rarefied heights of shitlordism if I want to.

    Another comment deleted by Toadie Clive, another comment in the making this afternoon!

  8. It's almost amusing that 'Syphiliac Clive' preaches heate speech but deletes the hate when it's directed at him! Is Toady an illegitimate son of Trump? It would be irresponsible not to speculate! ;-)

  9. I quite like this one, for homegrown shitlordism:

    Syphiliac Clive, aka Toady the Pedo, wanted to have a fellating threesum with Tommy Robinson and Pepe Farage but got shunned because of his tiny, tiny wiener! It's made Toady very, very hateful, has that! 'E doesn't suffer rejection too well and 'es reduced to jackin' off in his by now very stiff, old Union Jack! Uuuughgh!!!

    5 planted, let's see what we reap! Let a million flowers bloom!