Monday, 29 June 2020

Nutzies will be Nutzies!

UK Jewish activists ['Zionist activists' would be a more accurate term here - Ed.] have lashed out at the British chapter of Black Lives Matter over its pro-Palestinian tweets. They say the anti-racist movement's criticism had anti-Semitic undertones.
BLM UK posted a series of tweets on Sunday, criticizing Israel over its plans to annex occupied Palestinian territories and calling for solidarity with the Palestinian cause. One of the earlier posts stated that “mainstream British politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism, and Israel’s settler colonial pursuits”.
That particular part prompted a furious backlash from the British NGO Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA).
Zionism is the movement for the self-determination of Jews,” CAA tweeted in response. “So-called ‘anti-Zionism’ exclusively denies Jews that universal right and is therefore anti-Semitic.
Educate yourselves. You cannot fight prejudice with prejudice,” it added.

Nutzies do as nutzies are, of course... UK.

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