Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Latvia's Media Watchdog Bans Broadcasting of 7 RT Channels

RIGA (Sputnik) - The Latvian National Electronic Media Council (NEPLP) said Tuesday that it was banning seven RT channels, suggesting that they are owned by Dmitry Kiselev, who is under EU sanctions, although he has nothing to do with RT and is head of another media, Rossiya Segodnya international information agency.

The NEPLP banned RT, RT HD, RT Arabic, RT Spanish, RT Documentary HD, RT Documentary, RT TV.

The Latvian watchdog intends to urge media regulators in other EU countries to also ban RT, the watchdog chair, Ivars Abolins, said.

Latvia's Ban on Rossiya Segodnya's Baltnews.lv Website Attempt to Get Rid of Independent Media - Moscow Kiselev is the director-general of Rossiya Segodnya, while RT's editor-in-chief is Margarita Simonyan, who is not under any EU sanctions. These companies are two different legal entities. The information about their legal status is open to the public.

Methinks I can see an olde grievance playing out here before mine eyes...


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