Thursday, 27 February 2020

Trump: "NYT Did a Bad Thing!"

REPORTER: Your campaign two days sued the New York times for an opinion. Is it your opinion or is it your contention that if people have an opinion contrary to yours that they should be sued?
PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, when they get their opinion totally wrong as the New York Times did and frankly they have got a lot wrong over the last number of years so we will see how that--let that work its way through the courts.
If you read it you will see it is beyond an opinion, that is not an opinion, that is something much more than an opinion. They did a bad thing and there will be more coming. There will be more coming.



  1. The trend to weaponise the concept of fake news should worry us all. Trump is showing authoritarian tendencies here.

  2. The news has already become weaponized through selective leaks from the Deep State. The New York Times is the Left wing State Department media organ of choice for weaponized disclosures of classified materials that would benefit or damage their or their political opponents domestic political positions. The same relationship holds true for the Washington Post and CIA Deep State.

    Woodward and Bernstein at the WaPo mastered the art of the leak (Deep Throat) during Watergate. That's why every scandal gets called x-gate.