Friday, 5 July 2019

Love Porton #9: Who needs terrorists?

...when you've got a leaking chemical weapons facility?

Ministers have launched an investigation after top secret files relating to the Porton Down military research facility were discovered in a London bin.
The highly-sensitive documents detail security arrangements for the world-leading chemical warfare base near Salisbury, Wiltshire.
The papers, found after a member of the public raised the alarm, reportedly include details of equipment carried by guards at Porton Down, as well as the home addresses of employees and the password to the site’s computer system.

Daily Mail.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh but he would, would't he?

    2. TDS is worse than ODS and BDS because Trump is simply worse than most presidents in recent times. Erratic, impulsive, sometimes barely comprehensible. Remember the first few months of the Administration? Halcyon days!

      The Iran flap is a case in point: after leaving the Deal (for no reason other than Psychopath Bolton whispering in his ear), threatens war, then chickens out at 10 to 12. That's a real own goal! Thank you Mr. Trump!

  2. A bit of ODS for ya:

    A new poll of self-identified Republicans released Tuesday shows a large slice of the GOP believes President Barack Obama is a “socialist” who was not born in this country, should be impeached, wants the terrorists to win and only won the 2008 election because ACORN “stole” it for him.

    The survey of 2003 self-identified Republicans, who typically trend much more conservative than voters who “lean” Republican, was conducted by Research 2000 for the liberal blog Daily Kos.

    According to the poll, 63 percent of Republicans believe Obama is a socialist; 39 percent think Obama should be impeached; 24 percent said Obama wants “the terrorists to win”; and 31 percent agreed with the statement that Obama is “a racist who hates white people.”

    Those numbers are just a portion of the results from the poll that paints the GOP as much more socially conservative — and in some cases conspiratorial — than most analysts would be willing to grant.

    According to the survey, 36 percent of respondents do not believe the president was born in this country, and 21 percent think the liberal advocacy group ACORN stole the election for Obama.