Wednesday, 1 March 2017

USA: “the solidarity between Muslims and Jews that speaks to the world”

The Trump presidency is also bringing people together (inadvertently)!

A fundraiser sponsored by Muslims in favor of vandalized Jewish cemeteries exceeds target in a few hours. Impagliazzo: “an act against hatred. Dialogue is bearing its fruit”

America will not resign to anti-Semitism and hatred. According to some observers, the interreligious reaction against the execrable and repeated episodes Jewish cemeteries’ destruction could be a signal whose echoes have spread within and beyond the USA borders in just a few days.

The story is that a few days ago, after learning of the destruction of a Jewish cemetery in Saint Louis, Missouri, 2.5 thousand citizens of various religious affiliation went on site to help clean and repair, and then took part to an interreligious vigil. Shortly thereafter, under the title “United Muslim,” a fundraising campaign was launched to help with the cleaning, recovery and reorganization of the cemetery. The hashtag used to launch the campaign is “rest in peace” #restinpeace. The initiators’ goal was to collect 20 thousand dollars. “There is no place for hatred, or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-Semitism in America.” “A great gesture” replied the Jewish authorities in St. Louis along with many young people.

On that same afternoon of February 21, promoters had announced, “We are overjoyed to have reached our $20,000 goal in three hours. Please note that we are still accepting funds. Any additional funds raised in this campaign will assist other vandalized Jewish centers nationwide.

On February 22, the organizers announced that they had raised 80 thousand dollars, at an average of $1000 every twenty minutes. Adding: “We also just learned of another heavily damaged historic Jewish cemetery in Colorado that we can also help”

February 26 came another update: “We have just been informed of another vandalized Jewish cemetery - this time in Philadelphia -. We are currently reaching out to them to offer funds from this campaign to repair the damages. “

It was Philadelphia’s serious incident to finally trigger the alarm among US governmental institutions, which have been strongly encouraged since the early days following President Trump’s inauguration, to report this disturbing return of anti-Semitism. An evident and strong comeback with several disturbing threats against many Jewish institutions.

United Muslim have now raised $ 133 thousand with over 4400 donors. The fundraising continues, as established, until March 21.

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  1. There no dearth of consumerists wanting to feel good about themselves and atone for their consumerism...

    1. ...or perceived bigots wanting to atone for the mis-perception. ;)