Saturday, 11 March 2017

Danny Boyle on US Immigration Fears

Just caught this on 'Live at the Apollo' (paraphrased):

'Americans may be rightfully fearful about refugees coming into their country because some of them may want to commit a mass killing... just to fit in!'


  1. No one has ever dreamed of liebensraum for the Ummah...

    1. Al-Sharif writes:

      “And the Muslim should not train or perform Jihad with the aim of supporting as specific Jam’ah or party, so that if the jihad is with other than his group he abandons it. So this one is not fighting so that the word of Allah will be the highest, rather so that the banner of the party or the Jama’ah will be the highest, and thus is the asabiyyah of Jahiliyyah, about which the Messenger of Allah said, “What is the matter with the call of Jahiliyyah. Abandon it, as it is rotten. And then he said, “whoever is killed beneath a blind banner, becoming angry for the group and fighting for the group, then he is not from my Ummah.”