Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Mordor Way: Create Terror, then Police it...

Activists and first responders say the building that was targeted was a part of the mosque complex — and that the charred rubble shown in the photo was where 300 people were praying when the bombs began to hit.
More than 42 people were killed and dozens more injured, according to monitoring groups and local activists. First responders with the Syrian Civil Defence — known as the “White Helmets” — rushed to treat the wounded and dig corpses out of the rubble.
An administration official told the Washington Post that two armed, Reaper drones fired “roughly [the] entirety of their Hellfire payload and followed up w/ 500 lb bomb.”


The Pentagon has a history of initially denying involvement in some of its worst atrocities. For instance, when the U.S. bombed a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, in 2015, the Pentagon initially claimed it was not targeting the hospital. A Pentagon spokesman said that the destruction of the hospital, which was bombed for more than 30 minutes, killing 42 people, was “collateral damage.” The Pentagon’s story continued to change over coming days, until it eventually admitted responsibility.

Alex Emmons investigates.

Eventually Mordor's towers will fall, of course...


  1. This drone sh*t has got to stop.

  2. Here's where the sh!t hits the road...

    After the botched raid in Yemen, or perhaps before, Trump made the decision to shift the responsibility of making high-risk, geopolitically sensitive, tactical decisions to the military. Under Obama, any such raids, like the ones in Yemen or Syria, would have been approved by him, personally, before they were carried out. Like the Bin Laden raid in Pakistan. In active, recognized war zones, like when we were on the ground in big numbers in Afghanistan and Iraq, the military was pretty much free to make most all the tactical decisions, but beyond that, the President carried the weight of the decisions. It may have slowed things a bit, but it made for a clear structure of accountability, and a thoughtfulness that a professional military can, quite understandably, sometimes lack.

    Trump can't handle the weight of the Presidency. His reaction to the Yemen mission - blame the military for it's problems, take credit for whatever it's success - shows this plainly. The Commander in Chief is not commanding. He can't handle it. He's passing it off to the military. But in geopolitical matters, this falls under the "don't use a carpenter for heart surgery" rule - the carpenters sees the answers to all problems as resolved by the hammer, but you can't repair a ventricle with a hammer. That said, in this particular case, the carpenter happens to be far more competent than that surgeon, so I guess it's better Trump's staying out of the decisions.


    1. Trump can't handle the weight of the Presidency.

      Sadly, this is wishful thinking on the part of the delusional US 'left'.

      8 years, matey. 8 years!

      And Obomba drone bombed more humans into oblivion than anyone else. Just more 'politely'...

    2. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Not a fan of Sun Tzu, Jersey? The Emperor's Concubines are once again, in danger.

    1. In the original story, the Emperor orders Sun Tzu not to kill his favorites. Sun Tzu ignores the order, kills them, then states that only the Commander in the field is situationally aware enough to give orders... so the Emperor also learns a lesson.