Monday, 6 March 2017

Benito strikes again! (Dummocrats v.Trumprussia)

@ TI's most ascerbic commenter nails it again, this time on the Dumbocrats U-turn re. Obomba's Russia detente policy, designed to twarth/impeach Trump (or start a 'nukular holocaust', whichever comes first!):

Mr. Greenwald is a little unfair towards the Democrats. They don’t control the Executive, the Congress, the Supreme Court or the Statehouses, so exactly how are they supposed to hamstring Mr. Trump’s agenda? By creating a Russia hysteria, they have managed to force the resignation of General Flynn, damaged Mr. Sessions and put Mr. Trump on the defensive. The only downside is a potential nuclear war with Russia, but the risk of an actual war is quite low. So the gains seem to be worth the risk.
In fact, demonizing Mr. Putin only increases his popularity in Russia, so it’s possible he directly colluded with the Democrats to create this campaign. This may strengthen ties between Russia and the United States and actually reduce the future risk of war.
The fact that Democrats supported particular policies when Mr. Obama was President, does not mean they should automatically support the same policies when Mr. Trump is President. They trusted Mr. Obama, however illogically, more than they trust Mr. Trump.
It might be argued, in a perfect world, that sanity should prevail. But this ignores human nature, as well as the entirety of US history.
The biggest danger is that Mr. Trump will pull the rug out from under the Democrats by doing a 180 on Russia. He could, for example, torpedo a Russian submarine in the Black Sea. This would allow him to co-opt the anti-Russian hysteria and create a swell of bipartisan support which would really boost his agenda. In fact, this would work so well that he has possibly been orchestrating this with the Democratic Party all along. He and the Clintons are friends from way back.
However, this is entering into the realm of speculation.

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