Saturday, 4 March 2017

Unpacking the Orange Charlatan's: 'Obama tapped Trump phones!' baloney

empty wheel:
story published in Steve Bannon’s rag, Breitbart, got circulated around the White House this morning like some President’s Daily Conspiracy, sending President Trump off on a rant attacking the counterintelligence investigation into his aides’ (and possibly his own) ties with Russia.
Let me unpack it.
It's a long post, so let the unpackimg begin, HERE and NOW!


  1. Did Obama "directly" order Trump to be tapped. No. Did Obama's "government" tap Trump. Yes. Tempest=teacup.

  2. Did Russians attemp to influence US election? Yes. Did the Trump campaign "collude"? No. Tempest=teacup.

    It's the same tempest in the same teacup.