Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dummocrats: spinning Trumpmania/Russophobia into donation requests

Jordan Charlton.

Meanwhile, the blue-collar workers, millennials, and former Obama voters who abandoned Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in November, remain standing alone at the dance, with scarce outreach to them other than email blasts spinning Trump controversies into donation requests.
Instead, the corporate Democrats are sticking with their failed election campaign strategy: demonize and oppose Trump at all ends, making him so unpalatable to the majority of Americans, that they'll have no choice but to vote for Democrats.
Ask Clinton how that worked out.

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  1. The Republicans are currently doing better with the "class warfare" card than the democrats with their "identity politics" card. In the long run, the "elites" will ALWAYS be vastly outnumbered, even as demographics "evolve". So the "ace" of demographics is quicky turning into a 'six'.

  2. I do recommend that the Republicans stop voting for billionaires though. It's hard to find many with "working class" sympathies. ;)

    1. The Trump nomination and win came as a surprise to most GOPers too but many have now closed ranks behind Trump. What happened to 'conviction politics'? Oh wait! ;-)