Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Trump's Address to Congress

Well, well. That was quite the speech, wasn't it? Bar relatively minor points, this felt quite 'Bernian'. The Orange Charlatan behaved "presidentially" and was clearly out to unite the peeps of Mordor and seek bipartisan approval to 'get stuff done'. In parts it was as moving as the former Speechifier in Chief's (Obama's) handiwork.

There was of course the usual Exceptional Nation crapola and at minorities directed paranoia but that's what it says on the tin, anyroads.

Burning Question now is: what and how will be materialised in the upcoming period of Governance?

The Washington Post fact checked the whole thing, so we don't have to.

Looking forward to reading Liberal reactions to this stunner now.

Edit: The arseholes @ Wanket could see no merit in it whatsover, of course. Killary fans will be Killary fans, ya know...


  1. I dodged the speech. The fantasy always exceeds the reality (and molds it into place).

  2. Enough material for a week-long conference on psycho-analysis there!

    1. The Real, the Fantasy and the Symbolic!

  3. And 'we're all made by the same G-d', dixit Trump. ;-)