Saturday, 25 February 2017

Prison Planet: US private prison program rebooted by Trump administration

So Mr Coolio B.H.OBomba actually attempted to do something good and the Orange King of Darkness can't leave it alone!

The Trump administration has scrapped Barack Obama’s program of ending the justice department’s use of private prisons, embracing an industry that has come under sharp criticism from civil rights advocates.

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s attorney general, on Thursday rescinded a six-month-old directive for the Federal Bureau of Prisons to wind down contracts with prison companies, claiming that the measure had “impaired the bureau’s ability to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system.

“Therefore, I direct the bureau to return to its previous approach,” Sessions said in his memo to Thomas Kane, the bureau’s acting director.

The move prompted spikes in the share prices of the major for-profit prison corporations, companies which contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump’s presidential election campaign and inauguration funds.

In August last year a scathing audit carried out by the justice department’s independent watchdog found that private prisons controlled by the department’s bureau of prisons were far less safe and more punitive than comparable facilities managed directly by the government.

The review prompted the justice department to commit to ending the use of these 12 facilities, known as “criminal alien requirement prisons”, which are mostly used to incarcerate individuals convicted of violating federal immigration law. Last year the prisons housed about 22,000 people at an annual cost of $600m.



  1. I will say one good thing about "private" prisons. At least the "watchers" have "watchers".

  2. How does the state run prison industrial complex not have its watchers, Farmer?

  3. You've never worked with a federal agency, have you? If you did, you'd soon understand that the "rules" only apply to 'others' (like contractors).

  4. The same applies to "State" agencies, only they're WORSE.

  5. Ever see "Cool Hand Luke"? That's the kind of prison system you get when nobody is watching the "watchers".

  6. I fold. Please deal me another hand.

  7. No need. Private prisons have the opposite problem. They can't "bend the rules". And many times, the "rules" are the very enemy of the "right/ just thing".