Saturday, 25 February 2017

Start Vaping, Stop Smoking, Stop Committing Slow and Expensive Suicide!

4 weeks ago I stopped buying the lethal stinky sticks and haven't touched a fag since. I switched to electronic vaping.
The Advantages of evaping with respect to dirty smoking (do I really need to?):

* Health
* Save tons of $$$
* Don't stink your environment out
* Don't burn your fingers
* Don't bury your house in ashes
* Don't cover your soft furnishings in tar

Real information from 'Planet of the Vapes' forum


  1. I wish I could say I stopped smoking and switched to vaping because I'm a particularly strong-willed individual, but like many before, just as I quit drinking, I stopping smoking cigarettes when I developed health problems. The problems, in this case, were not necessarily related, but they were such that it seemed I'd tempted fate quite enough. So, I've been vaping now since late last October, and haven't touched a cigarette or cigar since (I still have a beautiful Cuban cigar just sitting out for show now).

    I use the MARK-TEN XL brand. They have a lovely menthol. The regular flavor is a little odd, but it does the trick. I'm not saving as much money from this as I'd like, but it's one of my very, very few indulgences in life these days, and I really do think I'll be ready to quit it all for good in the foreseeable future. It's about a half to a third of what I was spending on cigarettes, but you have to use coupons and deals and such to get it there. I think the vapers that require more work - the ones where you have to add the fluid and they look like something you'd see passed around at a Pink Floyd concert - are very inexpensive all in all. The kids at my old work used to smoke them.

    They also figured out how to add a liquid version of pot to the fluid. Ah, the ingenuity of youth! A young ex-coworker of mine, great young man, doing very well, showed up at my work one day to have a little fun at my expense. He said, "Hey, try this new vaper I got, it'll help you stop smoking!" OMG. I'm an almost 50-year-old man who spent his youth in the hardcore party days of NY and LA, and I was so stoned I could barely function! One hit! Amazing. Too much for my old nervous system. But if you like pot, and you have the funds for such extravagances, this stuff will make you feel like you're right there at that Pink Floyd concert!

    Just the same, I can vouch for all said above. Great step-down for smokers who want to quit but just can't to it. Yes, cheaper, safer, a lot less bad for you, etc!

    Great info!


  2. I don't vape (yet), but as everyone needs a "good" vice and alcohol's not an option (medical), it may not be long before I start. My health insurance charges $2,000 for tobacco smokers.... so maybe this is a "rule-beater". ;)

  3. @Jersey:

    Very well done, matey. Congrats!


    Follow the money, if anything!

  4. Seriously Farmer, you SMOKE? I had you down as a serious and informed person! ;^)

    Everyone knows I'M and idiot, but tu quoque?

  5. "A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke." ;)

    ...I actually prefer a "trashier" under a $1 cigar... Swisher Sweets/ or Wild 'n Milds. Good cigars are wasted on me. I don't smoke often... usually only when all around me are drinking.

    And yes, I lie to avoid the $2,000 penalty... I can always continue lying... :)

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