Friday, 24 February 2017

Kellyanne Conway: not a feminist

(The BS starts at the 4" mark)

You don't say, dearie. Reasonable kommentariat from the gutter snipers at Wonket:

As far as the pro-abortion thing goes? Yes, feminists are pro-choice. Maybe not always for themselves — that’s a personal decision — but we don’t tell other women what to do with their bodies. We also understand that abortions happen whether they are legal or not. If abortion is illegal, rich women can travel somewhere it’s legal and have it done safely, and poor women will turn to less safe and legal measures. Personally, I don’t believe you can be a feminist if you support something in effect being legal for rich women and illegal for poor women. If you really, sincerely want to reduce the incidence of abortion, try advocating for things that actually help with that, like making sure all women have access to birth control. Isn’t it better to do what actually works? I would think so!

As far as the anti-male thing goes? We get it, Kellyanne, you are a cool girl. But it’s not anti-male to discuss the ways men kind of have it easier in our society. Acknowledging that makes you a person who pays attention to things, not a person who doesn’t like men. Like, the other day I was talking to a shorter girl and she was like, “It must be nice being so tall, because I can’t reach anything,” and in response I said, “Hey, at least you can buy pants! Hemming is a lot easier than creating extra pant-leg out of thin air!” And then we got along perfectly fine after that. Acknowledging that it was easier for me to reach something or for her to buy pants didn’t make us anti-each other. It didn’t take anything away from either of us.


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