Friday, 24 February 2017

Friday tidbits (some quite old)

O'Bomba's 'nukular' spending spree:
“The US has certainly not ‘fallen behind on nuclear weapon capability,” wrote Hans Kristensen, a nuclear expert at the Federation of American Scientists, in an email to The Intercept. “It is already ‘at the top of the pack’ and has the most capable nuclear forces in the world backed up by overwhelming conventional forces.” In 2013, national security officials in President Obama’s White House determined that the U.S. could safely reduce its deployed nuclear force by one third. Other experts have said it could go much lower. But instead of pursuing reductions that could have saved hundreds of billions of dollars, the Obama administration started investing in a trillion-dollar effort to modernize the arsenal, which budget critics slammed as unaffordable.
You can get a Nobel Peace prize for the funniest things, nowadays... ;-)

Chucky Schumer: Tears of a Clown: (This man is willing to provide Israel with enough firepower to put a bullet between the eyes of every Palestinian toddler!)

How Clinton wanted Trump to be the GOP nominee. Too clever by half, that woman!

How the Dumbocrats sabotaged Bernie Sanders. With friends like these, who needs Rethuglians?

 DNC chair Donna Brazile passed a debate question to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in March, evidence suggests (she claimed later it was 'no biggie'):

Such a catalogue of incompetence and donor greed was bound to fail: DNC owns the Trump disaster. Nice! :-(

 DNC+GOP = The One Party with 2 right wings. Or: 'Let a Thousand Corporations Blossom!'

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