Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dummocrats: Comment of the Week

On sidelining Keith Ellison, sharp tongue 'Benito Mussolini' observes deadpan:

This is an encouraging sign for the Democratic Party. Hopefully Mr. Perez will soon announce that Mrs. Clinton has been selected as the party’s nominee for 2020 (although I realize they still need to hold some primaries and caucuses to show their respect for the democratic process before the super delegates select Mrs. Clinton).
It is true that Americans made a dreadful mistake last November. However, the Democratic party has wisely decided that Americans will return to their senses before the next election. The key thing is not to make any policy changes to their existing platform, so as not to scare away corporate donors who may be nervous about the party’s left wing. The party, however, has demonstrated that wing is securely under control by creating the fictitious position of DNC Deputy Chair to keep it occupied.
Ms. Naomi Klein tweeted yesterday, ‘What do you call it when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results? Oh yeah: the Democratic Party’. This is a little unfair. Mrs. Clinton has promised not to set up her own e-mail server and the DNC realizes they made a mistake by allowing any challengers to Mrs. Clinton to enter the race. So they have learned their lesson and the results next time could be completely different.

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