Saturday, 4 March 2017 "Susan Sarandon was right!"

Wow! Hath hell frozen over?

Remember that time when Susan Sarandon said she wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton and all hell broke lose in liberal land?
The actress and activist — who had previously been a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter — told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in March last year that although she hadn’t decided which person to vote for, “some people” felt that Donald Trump would “bring the revolution immediately” — whereas Clinton was all about “shoring up the status quo.”
This naturally led to cries of outrage from the Clintonista center-left [that shoulf be center-right. Gert] . Sarandon is not a good feminist, they seethed. She’s a traitor to the liberal cause, they fumed. She would put the country at risk. It was people like her, they said, that risked putting Trump in office. This went on for a while, with articles popping up all over the place condemning Sarandon for not falling in line with the rest of politically-conscious Hollywood. Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald called out Sarandon’s “narcissistic purity” on Twitter and blamed her for Trump’s win.
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PS: I haven't even looked at the shitstorm the comment section of that post must be!


  1. I agree with Susan. I couldn't stomach Romney in 2012... who needs more neoliberal globalism? I voted Nader in 2000 because Bush & Gore were more of the same. The two major parties need to smell the coffee.

    ps - Bernie was a fifties throwback, though. We can't go backwards... we need to push on through! Ending globalism is step 1. Ending corporatism... is where the "war" REALLY begins...

    1. Bernie wasn't perfect by a long shot. But he was the only progressive on the bill. Perfect candidates don't exist.

      I really like Nader but he didn't have a cat in hell's chance.

    2. I agree, Bernie was a step away from neoliberalism. I just don't think bigger government is anything more than an attempt to avoid the battle to end (vice curb) corporatism.

    3. ...just like Trump avoids the battle.

    4. Too big to fail corporatism is the real economic threat.

    5. The DNC will be incapable of fielding an effective candidate in 2 years time, mark my words. Intent on nihilistic destruction of Trump, they will get nowhere.

      But the donations will keep coming in and that's all that matters. isn't it?

    6. You would think they'd have learned a lesson from Trump ($ ain't everything)... Oprah in 2020! ;)

    7. $1.2 Billion for a losing campaign. Not bad! ;^(

    8. Goes to show the "hidden socio-political value" of branding... Trump's name was worth over half a billion in free news coverage.

    9. Yup. NBC chief: "Trump's good for business!"