Wednesday, 25 November 2020

On Masks, Boxcars and... erm... Transhumanism!

From Adrienne's corner:

Today the sight of the majority of people all masked up at the Dollar Store, Wallyworld, and Ace Hardware signaled to me that they would gladly climb into a boxcar if ordered to do so. Don't be those people!

That's right: in the crazy world of American anti-maskers, those actually willing to wear a mask (and thereby comply with the Gubmint's guidance on Covid masks) are to be compared with Holocaust Jews boarding the boxcars! A more disgusting 'analogy' has rarely been concocted...

Then we have a Far Right Catholic anti-mask/anti-lockdown nutjob by the name of Michael Matt cackling on about human guinea pigs and... transhumanism. Look up 'Davos'. , apparently:


Edit: Michael Matt has form in the 'transhumanism' issue (cough!)

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