Sunday, 23 April 2017

Honey, I don't Care

Remember rock chick, femme fatale, sex kitten and female agent provocateur Wendy James?


Wendy's alive and kicking, BTW! Keep goin' girl...

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Poison Paradise: Secrets of the chemical industry

Alice, Kenton, Bucky, and Rachna are the hidden victims of the chemical industry. They all grew up either in India or the US, in towns built around plastic and pesticide factories. For a long time, their resounding commercial success has masked the darker reality behind their practices. For several decades, their factories have secretly dumped their toxic products into rivers, groundwater systems and soil. This pollution has affected thousands, causing disabilities, cancers and death. No one is safe: both the inhabitants of these regions and the employees of the companies have been affected. But the chemical giants will do anything to keep these tragedies a secret.Through the analysis of samples and confidential documents, the two directors gauge the true extent of the contamination, and ultimately shed some light over years of lies and impunity. All that remains are the testimonies of the victims across the world, those whose lives have been poisoned.

Moar words @ Russia Today.

Monday, 10 April 2017

The wackiest pseudo-feminist, linguistically fascist nutjob site strikes again

Over at '' the struggle to find le mot juste (and the denunciation of anyone who dares disagree with half a syllable as a 'troll') continues.

Writes old hand "Brony, nutty Centaur" in the comment section:

Oops. I changed a “they” to a “you” accidentally in the last part of my comment. It should read.
While it’s a rule new commentators might might not be aware of, they would find it useful to practice because they will become better at describing what they fear, are angered, by, surprised by, or disgusted by.
Huh? What does that even mean? And all on a post about the all-consuming topic of some alt-right Flat Earthers (a 100 % non-issue "David, Head Mammotheer" manages to spend about 5,000 words on. Go figure!) The bizarre gist of it being that the 'intra-alt right civil tiff' will somehow bring Trumpeldore down. Or somefink like that... masturbating the world, one word at a time!

That's my prerogative!

Get busy
Everybody's talkin' all this stuff about me (Now now)
Why don't they just let me live (Oh oh oh)
I don't need permission
Make my own decisions (Oh)
That's my prerogative
They say I'm crazy
I really don't care
That's my prerogative
They say I'm nasty
But I don't give a damn
Gettin' girls is how I live
Some ask me questions
Why am I so real
But they don't understand me
I really don't know the deal
About a brother
Trying hard to make it right
Not long ago
Before I win this fight