Thursday, 11 April 2019

Meet the US's Poodle: Little Britain...

Amid much vague, sleep inducing Brexshit talk of 'UK Sovereignty', 'safeguarding our Democracy (The Oldest in History!)', 'independence!' and related bromides, one can't escape the impression that (most) Britons hate being 'dictated' by the EU but don't mind at all that their country is so often f*cked up the kazoo, as long as the f*cking is done by their 'Senior' partner, the USA. Such a 'speshul relashunship'!

Yes, Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder has been dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to the British court system, undoubtably on 'request' of the US, to face charges of breaking bail conditions. I can hear the delighted crowing by Pompous Mikey and John the Walrus from where I sit.

Trump himself has gone from "I love Wikileaks" (re. the Hillary emails) to "I know nothing about Wikileaks". Consistency was never a fool's strong suit.

It'll be 'interesting' to see the US MSM/media whores/Fake News industry reaction to all this.

Theresa May (PM) and Jeremy Hunt (FS) waffled some pseudo-pieties for the occasion, while in the mean time it has now transpired that UK military officers are giving targeting training to the Saudi military.


  1. Please, Assange is going to be made the new "scapegoat" for covering up the 702FISA abuse that's the US Intelligence Agencies use have been perpetrating since 9/11/01. They charged him with "hacking" the defense networks when he was collaborating with Chelsea Manning.

    This way, the American people will learn little of the IC's FISA abuse, AND they get the bonus of taking out a threat to their totalitarian control of the world's economy.

    1. As for Trump/Wikileaks love affair, this will be interesting as Trump[ is at was with the same IC as Assange. He'd be a fool to change sides and burn Wikileaks before exposing the partisan political abuse in the Intelligence Community's surveillance and labeling of HIM as a "Russian Agent" so that they could all purposefuly and lawfully LIE to him as both a Presidential Candiadate AND newly elected President.

    2. The Brits are "cooperating" with the IC in the US Deep State on Assange because they ABETTED the spying on Trump. Steele and his buddies in MI-6 are in this just as they are Clapper and Brennan.

  2. Replies
    1. It's "panic time" in the Intelligence Community as AG Barr just vowed before Congress to getting to the bottom of "Spygate". The Inspector General's report is due out next month. Let's see what he found...

    2. In LATE 2015 spying began... On the recent Nunes indictments...

    3. The US IC was "fixing" the US election.

  3. There is IMO direct linkage between the timing of the Mueller Report relase (no collusion), AG Barr's testimony (spying), and Assange's arrest (IC cover story for spying). Assange's destined to be the Mainstream media's clown-world sideshow to cover the remaining Intelligence Community Deep State treason.

  4. "He'd be a fool to change sides and burn Wikileaks before exposing the partisan political abuse in the Intelligence Community's surveillance and labeling of HIM as a "Russian Agent" so that they could all purposefuly and lawfully LIE to him as both a Presidential Candiadate AND newly elected President."

    Yet I seriously suspect he'll flipflop on the issue. Just a feeling...

  5. Why did DS/MIC oppose Trump? So far he seems very compliant to them: his G'ment is the most hawkish in recent times.

    1. Gen. Flynn, former DIA head, was associated with his campaign. Flynn took the CIA out of the analysis loop for targeting in Iraq/Afghanistan, and was for diminishing their roll in future activities, placing the information directly in the hands of military operators on the ground.

      All the "power" from intelligence lies in "analysis". And Flynn, under Trump, was going to be in charge of the NSC. CIA's budget was about to go "south".

    2. Flynn noted that 5,000 of the “global scouts” that DIA has in Washington and in 140 countries are combat veterans, “which is the new normal.” The new vision includes plans to “decentralize decision making to those closest to the edge” who get a “fingertip feel of the environment,” he added. “Intelligence at the edge is better than intelligence at the center. You can’t get it sitting at headquarters.”

  6. More on America's poodle's involvement.

  7. from cth this afternoon...← President Trump and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
    Bloomberg – Rosenstein: “Robert Mueller’s report describes Russian cybercrimes during the 2016 election”…
    Posted on April 12, 2019 by sundance

    In order for Mueller and Rosenstein to maintain the ‘Vast Russia Conspiracy Narrative’, which is tenuous at best, it is absolutely necessary to maintain the premise that Russia hacked -or attempted to hack- into the DNC servers. Further, to maintain this premise the special counsel must inject WikiLeaks as the distribution hub for the Russian effort.

    This Mueller/Rosenstein Russia narrative builds upon the Joint Analysis Report (JAR December 2016), and the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA January 2017). Both of those documents are sketchy, with the JAR being abject nonsense and the ICA being a political document stating specifically that Russian President Putin was trying to help Trump win the election.

    Rosenstein’s comments to the Metropolitan Club gives us some insight into how dependent Mueller’s report is to maintaining this baseline of Russia interference:


    Additionally, these comments by Rosenstein highlight the U.S. intelligence community need to throw a bag over Julian Assange; IF they are going to retain the premise that Mueller needs to justify the CIA/FBI predicate for the counterintelligence operation.

    Mueller and Rosenstein’s special counsel was an extension of the original counterintelligence operation. Mueller and Rosenstein need to preserve the predicate in order to avoid questions around why they continued and extended a fraudulent probe.

    If Assange can disprove the Russia DNC hacking claims by the CIA (Brennan), ODNI (Clapper) and FBI (Strzok and Comey), which are more likely fraudulent justifications to execute the Trump campaign surveillance operation, then Assange becomes a risk that must be controlled/removed. The timing here is not ‘suspicious’ but rather ‘conspicuous’.


    To maintain the claim the DNC was ‘hacked by Russians‘ Julian Assange must be made public enemy #1. We should expect to see current elements within the intelligence apparatus pushing hard to frame this Assange narrative through the New York Times (FBI), Washington Post (CIA), and CNN (State Dept./ODNI).

    The amount of media pressure to originate the “Russian Interference” narrative in early 2017 was off the charts. The media will have to double-down exponentially because they are tied directly to this claim.

    It will be interesting to see if AG William Barr goes along with the focus on cybercrimes as the impetus for Mueller’s investigation. This is where the need to preserve the integrity of the institutions comes into play; there will be massive pressure on Barr to go along.

    1. Thanks for these last comments.

    2. Yep...from the Ecuadorans...the new Assange was Trump/Russia narrative begins...

      "We've ended the asylum of this spoiled brat," a visibly flustered President Lenin Moreno said Thursday in a fiery speech explaining his decision to withdraw protection of Assange and hand him over to British police. "From now on we'll be more careful in giving asylum to people who are really worth it, and not miserable hackers whose only goal is to destabilize governments."

    3. A.c. Moreno, being a spoiled brat (?) is enough to be sent to some US gulag. Expect this tool to be a real good friend of the Empire.

    4. Also good:

      Assange’s Lynch Mob Commenters in the NYT.

      And so now Julian Assange of Wikileaks has been dragged out of his “sanctuary” in the London embassy of Ecuador for failing to clean his cat’s litter box. Have you ever cleaned a litter box? The way we always did it was to spread some newspaper — say, The New York Times — on the floor, transfer the used cat litter onto it, wrap it into a compact package, and put it in the trash.

      It was interesting to scan the comments section of the Times’s stories about the Assange arrest: Times readers almost uniformly presented themselves as a lynch mob out for Assange’s blood. So much for the spirit of liberalism and the old “Gray Lady” who published The Pentagon Papers purloined by Daniel Ellsberg lo so many years ago. Reading between the lines in that once-venerable newspaper — by which I mean gleaning their slant on the news — one surmises that the Times has actually come out against freedom of the press, a curious attitude, but consistent with the neo-Jacobin zeitgeist in “blue” America these days.

      Anyway, how could anyone expect Assange to clean his cat’s litter box when he was unable to go outside his sanctuary to buy a fresh bag of litter, and was denied newspapers this past year, as well as any other contact with the outside world?

      U.S. government prosecutors had better tread lightly in bringing Assange to the sort of justice demanded by readers of The New York Times — which is to say: lock him up in some SuperMax solitary hellhole and throw away the key. The show trial of Julian Assange on U.S. soil, when it comes to pass, may end up being the straw that stirs America’s Mickey Finn as a legitimate republic.

      Symptom of Mass Confusion

      The bloodthirsty hysteria among New York Times readers is a symptom of the mass confusion sown by agencies of the U.S. government itself when its own agents ventured to meddle in the national election of 2016 and then blame it on “the Russians.” As you will learn in the months ahead, it was the Times itself, and other corporate news organizations, who colluded with officers of the FBI, the Department of Justice, the CIA, and the Obama White House to concoct a phony narrative about Trump being in cahoots with Vladimir Putin, thus depriving Hillary Clinton of her “turn” in the White House; and then to join those agencies, and the grotesquely dishonest two-year investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in a cover-your-ass operation to hide their nefarious and criminal acts.


    5. The WaPop and NYTimes publish "sanctioned" leaks. Assange had no one "sanctioning" his... therefore, he had to go.

      As ducky would say, "We are a pathetic people..."

    6. People would learn that the "jouissance/ joy-sense" of the elites always surpasses their laws. Law is just a veneer/ fetish that persuades the governed that their governors are subject to it also and therefore can't toy with their lives. Assange's fate demonstrates the foolishness in reliance upon the law.

    7. "As ducky would say, "We are a pathetic people...""

      Dunno about pathetic but the conservative commentator P.J.O'Rourke once exclaimed: 'let's face it, we [Americans] are not a sophisticated people...'

      Even though the ongoing extraction of wealth by the elites from the moderately impoverished has reached dizzying levels of sophistication, not found elsewhere in the West.