Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Making America even more Subservient to Israel (MASI)

ON THE EVE of Israel’s election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took credit for President Donald Trump’s decision to impose sanctions on Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, by designating it a foreign terrorist organization.

The decision comes on the heels of Trump's moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and green-lighting Israel's annexation of the (Syrian) Golan Heights.

Trump, who ran on a vague platform of isolationism/America-firstism has done the Zionist regime more favours than the previous three presidents combined. Basically Netanyahu says "jump!" and Trump asks "how high?" The former always saw America as "a thing you can move very easily".

At this rate however, Donnie will run out of Hanukkah gift ideas...


  1. Perhaps the post WWII clown world of losers of wars keeping their lands and possessions is over... We've past "peak-globalism" and now reality is making a comeback.


    1. The Palestinians aren't going anywhere. Shortly, in terms of numbers, they'll outshine the Jews in the total territory of what was once called Palestine.

      And even Drumpf would refuse to green-light any IDF attempt at deportation/extermination.

    2. So in a 'non-clown' world countries have the right to conquer land that doesn't belong to them and drive its inhabitants from it? Core blimey...

    3. The West Bank is next. There will be no Palestinian "state".

      And Britain knows ALL about conquering other countries.

    4. Annexation of the WB is almost certain now but that doesn't solve the 'Palestinian question' and Israel's 'demographic nightmare'.