Thursday, 13 August 2020

"White women better vote for me or scary Black people will get you."

It's the candour that gets me, every time...


  1. At least Trump isn't woke fishing those suburban housewives like Joe and his slave-owning blackfishing running mate

  2. Yeah, being a Trumpista means you need to bar very low, of course... ;-)

    Harris owns slaves? Mansplain!

  3. :)

    When slavery ended in Jamaica, Hamilton Brown's son married Kamala Harris G-Great Grandma. Seems Hamilton also received "reparations" from the British Government for all his slaves, and of course, kept the money and sent his ships to Ireland to import Irish "Indentures" to work his plantations. It's a wonderful family history.

  4. Be that as it may but how does it make Harris a slave owner?

    'The sins of the fathers...'