Sunday, 9 August 2020

Berlin "antisemitism Tsar": SCREAM if you hear someone mention Palestine!

The state government of Berlin, Germany’s capital, has appointed a new official to combat anti-Semitism.

But far from a champion in the fight against bigotry, political science professor Samuel Salzborn is deeply intolerant of Palestinians.

When you’re sitting in the train and the people next to you start talking about ‘Palestine’ without any apparent reason, it means it is time to either get off the train, put on your headphones, or scream at them,” Salzborn tweeted last October.

He followed up with the word “anti-Semitism.”

Unhinged and intolerant: professor Samuel Salzborn

Source: Electronic Intifada


  1. He's the German equivalent of the Southern Poverty Law Center vis. "racism". lol!

  2. No. But he could certainly feature of an out-of-control fringe of the US Ziolobby: unhinged and unchecked!