Thursday, 28 March 2019

The Day after Mueller...

The pushback has begun: 'never Trumpies' and CNN/Rachel Maddow-groupies alike are licking their wounds by sticking their heads firmly up their arses.

Over at wewerefuckedbythemammoth for instance commenter 'Seraph4377' knows something!

Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. That is not in question. That is fact. We should be doing a lot more about this.

She vigorously shook that snow globe, et voilà, presto! Or as dumb fuck Bill Maher once exlaimed (re. Mueller): "I don't need an investigation, I've got television!"

Seraph4377 continues:

As for bellicosity, this was an act of war. If they’d tried this thirty years ago, the nukes would have flown, and rightly so.

Oh dear: willing to risk nuclear winter for the Russiagate hoax: such dedication.

To claim to defend a 'democracy' that is not in great shape (and declining) of a country that hasn't quit interfering in other peopls' democracies (and counting) is truly hilarious.

PS – You used the UK English spelling for “endeavour”. Are you perhaps writing this from somewhere in Europe, comrade?

Probably a Russian spy, Seraph! They're everywhere nowadays.

You just can't fix stupid, can you?


  1. I'm not a Paulite, but I like the fact that Rand Paul (Ron Paul's Senator son) is trying to get us back to a 'Federalist Papers' version of American foreign policy. Leave Europe to the Europeans.

  2. Leave Europe to the Europeans.

  3. Won't happen though: for all of Trump's whingeing about Europeans not coughing up for NATO, the MIC/Big Arms love massive defense budgets. And Trump hasn't shown himself a 'people's president': he's fallen into line with the Oligarchy like Obama before him and Queen H. would have.

    1. It's a big ship that needs turning. And there are a LOT of wanna-be pilots with vested interests to preserve, with both (D's) and (R's) after their names.