Friday, 15 March 2019

Horrific antisemitic abuse suffered by Luciana Berger MP!

Luciana needing police escort after suffering horrific antisemitic abuse

This is a little old but I've only just come across it, so bear with me. Yesterday I saw this facebook page, where a Daniel Sevitt (who?) indulged in a bit of whataboutery:

While I’ve got you here, how come JVL has never published a single word about Kenneth Campbell’s racist abuse of Luciana Berger?

What abuse is he referring to? Well, a quick search coughed up this page from the Ziorag "The JC":

It has since emerged that the proposer of one of the motions, Kenneth Campbell, has called her [Luciana Berger] a "disruptive Zionist" and shared a Facebook post that called Jewish Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge "utterly shameless", the Hurry Up Harry blog revealed.

Funny, isn't it? Objectively, Berger is a proud Zionist (and member of 'Labour Friends of Israel') 'Disruptive' is of course a subjective adjective, nothing more.

So how does this constitute 'abuse'? Aren't we allowed to question politicians any more?

Concludes The Brown Sauce (HP):

It’s hardly surprising that Berger needed police security while Labour Party conference took place last year.

So it appears British Zionism is ideally suited to the British nanny state!


  1. Seeking mommy's help against the other kids harassing taunts is what the mollycoddled citizen does. Now chop-chop, punish the harassers, mommy!

  2. Sure but where is the harassment even here?