Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Fuxit Brexshit!$%£&@&

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal has been rejected by 230 votes - the largest defeat for a sitting government in history.
MPs voted by 432 votes to 202 to reject the deal, which sets out the terms of Britain's exit from the EU on 29 March.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has now tabled a vote of no confidence in the government, which could trigger a general election.
The confidence vote is expected to be held at about 1900 GMT on Wednesday.
The defeat is a huge blow for Mrs May, who has spent more than two years hammering out a deal with the EU.

Auntie Beeb.


  1. Replies
    1. Meanwhile we are the laughing stock of the world. Result!

    2. Better a laughingstock than a faux-democracy!

  2. Funny that: the UK may be far from perfect but it's more democratic than the US: see Electoral College and the fact that the US government is stuffed with non-elected officials!

    As re. the 'EU bureaucracy' the Leavers love to complain about, they should take a good look at the UK's own nanny state bureaucracy which is horrendous. Westminster haemorrhages legislation, often not needed.

    1. We'll see. If Brexit actually happens, I'll believe. The Americans still haven't accepted that DJT is President.

    2. Oh, it'll happen, you'll see.

    3. It's Brexshit or Civil War...