Saturday, 5 January 2019

Honduras good + Nicaragua bad = Orwell power of three

A Selective Approach

Two Latin American countries are currently in the cross-hairs of the regime in Washington: Honduras and Nicaragua.

Both are bowing under extreme corruption, street violence and Government crackdowns. Both have skidded to the bottom of the human rights league tables.

Yet one of the two is the recipient of $68 million of US foreign aid, the other is being sanctioned, claimed to be part of the 'tyrannical trio'.

Can you guess who?

Terrible Person and (former) Trump Apparatchik Nikki Haley cackled thus at the UN assembly recently (slightly paraphrased):
The People of Honduras stood with us in our decision to move the US Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem [...]
I doubt very much that the 'people of Honduras' had even the slightest say in their Government's decision but anyway, what's important here is that in order to MAGA, Trump is willing to throw away free money to backyard states that support his questionable FP.


  1. Please. We all remember "Mel" Zelaya. Let's not pretend that he EVER represented the holy "People". Especially when he tried to re-write the Honduran Constitution to create a Venezuela-Chavez Socialism for the 21st Century style utopia.

  2. You should instead applaud Ecuador and Bolivia, who did well economically despite the Socialistic leanings of their presidents.

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