Friday, 18 January 2019

Brexshit: Leave of the Dead!

You could call it swing Saturday or crossover day, for this Saturday, 19 January, marks an important moment. This is the day, in theory, when the country turns remain. Even if not a single person has changed their mind since the referendum, the demographic shift alone will have done the heavy lifting. Enough old leavers will have died and enough young remainers will have come on to the electoral register to turn the dial on what the country thinks about Brexit.

The psephologist and founding YouGov president, Peter Kellner, calculates that the leave vote has been declining by about 1,350 a day, taking into account the differential turnout: the young turn out to vote much less often than the old. By using exactly the same proportion of every age group turning out to vote exactly as they did in 2016, demographics alone will have transformed the UK into a remainer nation.

The true “will of the people” looks considerably more questionable if it turns out to be the will of dead people – not the will of those who have the most life ahead of them to face the consequences. Does this guarantee remain would win a referendum this year? Of course not. People are changing their minds, though polls show predominant movement in the pro-remain direction. But once a ferocious campaign gets under way there’s no knowing what might swing opinion. No one expected the leavers’ two toxic lies to spring out of the wicked imagination of the likes of Dominic Cummings and Michael Gove – £350m a week extra for the NHS and 70 million Turks destined for our shores.

Polly Toynbee.


  1. A "Remain" vote now proves that Democracy is dead in Britain, as the elites haven't the will to implement democratic decisions delivered through the electorate. The corporatocacy controls the United Kingdom.

  2. ROFLOL!

    Do you really believe the small band of English nationalists who had been clamouring for a referendum for years were concerned about the ’corporatocracy’? (If so you don’t understand British Euroscepticism very well)

    What about the folks fearing a 70M influx of Turks?

    Those who believed hundreds of millions per week would flow to the NHS upon leaving?

    The only folks aware of the danger of the EU as a vector of neoliberalism were Corbyn and some of his disciples, which explains Labour’s lack lustre Remain campaign.

    Britain’s been the most unequal country of all European countries, since well before Thatcher to it into the EU.

  3. You believe that those strawmen positions created by the "Remain" camp are actual positions of the Brexit voters?

    Small British shopkeepers founded our country (back when you were GREAT Britain). They can make your economy "great" again.

    1. Ours was a rebellion against the corporate colonies.

  4. "You believe that those strawmen positions created by the "Remain" camp are actual positions of the Brexit voters?"

    You attribute far, far too much savvy to the average Leaver.

    Back to Britain as a 'nation of shopkeepers' Pah-leaease!

    It's very fine and dandy to support this total mess from the outside, quite another to be in the thick of it, as we are...

    1. Straw men arguments? Rather it's you who is trying to mould Brexit into your own image!!!

  5. &0 million Turks, yes, that was said on the Leave side.

    Watch the docudrama about Leave's campaign manager Dominic Cummings, to gauge what motivated him.

    1. Just did.

      Robert Mercer. Boo!

      Cambridge Analytica. Boo!

      The policy of outsourcing British/European jobs to the 2nd/3rd world countries for 30 years had NOTHING to do with turning Britain and the 1st World's economies to sh*t...

      Keep dreaming that the TRUTH had NOTHING to do with it.

  6. Replies
    1. ...and the Remain vote offered no polemic arguments....


    2. Had London lost 100,000 financial services jobs yet? (PricewaterhouseCoopers for TheCityUK, noted that the U.K.’s status as a global and regional financial hot spot hinges on its having access to the single European market.

      Because of this, up to 100,000 financial services jobs could be lost in the U.K. if a Brexit goes ahead, according to the report.)

      Has the average British Household's annual income declined by £4,300 (or $6,100) a year, yet?

    3. They didn't call it "Project Scare" for NO reasons.