Sunday, 24 May 2020

"Plandemic" debunked (by Doctor Mike)

Fact checking by Politifact.


  1. A man certainly "invested" in medicine remaining as it is. I'd like to see him take on Dr. Shiva.

  2. PS - I hate the Government funded "Big Science" model of innovation. If ever there were a Science Academy at Lagado, we've certainly built it. Peer Review breeds mediocrity and group think. Skin in the game (from patents, etc.) is a step forward... but is more a "robbing of ideas from the private sector" when applied to research at government institutions.

    1. ...guaranteeing that the patented ideas will never be pursued.

  3. Hmmm... barely disguised contempt for the Gubmint is really just another trait of libertarian Conservatism. ;-)

    Did you know that over 75 % of research into GMO is conducted in 'state laboratories'? Including research 'Monsatan' benefits from?

  4. I have more confidence in the peer review system: it's given us the greatest paradigms and paradigm shifts science has known.