Sunday, 10 February 2019

Venezuela: Guaido will not rule out authorising US intervention

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido refused to rule out on Friday the possibility of authorizing United States intervention to help force President Nicolas Maduro from power and alleviate a humanitarian crisis.
National Assembly leader Guaido told AFP he would do “everything that is necessary... to save human lives,” acknowledging that US intervention is “a very controversial subject.”

Let's hope he realises the US doesn't need Guaido's authorisation!

Although it could be a useful figleaf...



  1. I don't know... Russia's presence in Syria is supposedly "justified" by Asssad's request for their presence and assistance....

    1. I've never quite understood why Putin wanted to support Assad (apart from the fact that the USSR and the Baath regime were allies).

    2. If the army flips over to Guaido, then it's game over for Maduro.

      But we might see something really messy with a 'Free Venezualan Army' on Guaido's side. The US might then materially and with boots suppport that 'VFA'.

    3. Why? To control Europe's supply of gas.

  2. btw - The odds of Maduro stepping down are about the same as the Castro's doing it in Cuba. Zero. Civil War and/or a coup d-etat are inevitable. And it isn't going to end well for the Tupamaros
    , despite their AK-47 factories or their National Bolivarian Militia and FAES.