Thursday, 15 April 2021

Your 'avin a w*nk, arent'cha?

BBC iPlayer is currently streaming a 'doc' titled: When Nudes Are Stolen: Inside the online 'nude trade':

When former glamour model Jess Davies started modelling at 18 she had no idea her images would be used to con money out of men all over the world.
Over the years Jess, now 27, has received hundreds, if not thousands, of messages from people telling her they've been speaking to someone using her pictures and until now she's never understood why.
In a new BBC Three documentary When Nudes Are Stolen Jess traces where and how her pictures are being used - and explains the effect it's had on her life.

Of course the theft of these images constitutes copyright infringement/piracy and that should be illegal.

But the premise that these women are entirely blameless in all this and that they and they alone have been abused is of course absurd. You post pictures that are carefully calibrated to the 'male gaze', or in plain English, sell smut to drooling (and more) males FOR MONIES and you expect no unintended consequenses of your actions?

Here's Jessica Davies plying her trade:

And here's her colleague Joey 'Big Jugs' Fisher:

At the very least what these smutqueens do is 'Prostitution Lite'...

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