Thursday, 24 May 2018

Justice for Noura

Sudanese teenager Noura only has days to live. The clock is ticking before she is hanged. Noura’s crime: killing her rapist in self-defence.
Noura was just 16 when her family forced her into a marriage. She said when she refused to sleep with her husband, he had his relatives hold Noura down while he raped her. Noura was trapped, and when the man tried to rape her again, she defended herself and killed him. Now Sudanese courts have sentenced her to be executed in just days.
Right now there is a global movement on that is working around the clock to share Noura’s story and save her life. Noura’s circumstances would have been invisible to the world if it wasn't for 16 year old Zaynub starting a petition from her home in France and engaging millions of people. Zaynub saw herself in Noura. And she couldn't just stand by and watch a girl, of the same generation, be sentenced to death under these circumstances. So, after seeing the news, she turned to her laptop and started the #JusticeforNoura campaign.
Today we need your help to ensure those trying to stop injustice continue having a loud voice.

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