Monday, 22 May 2017

That upbeat suicide note...

Pie's Manifesto


  1. Labour and the DNC have sooooo much in common. Bernie doesn't have a chance! He'd "stiff" the DNC staff... whatdoya mean "merit" not "patronage"?????

  2. "Labour and the DNC have sooooo much in common."

    Not Corbyn's Labour at all. Former 'New Labour' (Blairite/neoliberal/Zionist) however definitely has much in common with the DNC. No doubt they will reduce Labour's chances to break the neoliberal austerity 'spell'...

    Unfortunately much of this election will be about Brexit.

  3. That's what I meant... although I didn't quite realize until now that Corbyn (our Bernie) was in control of the Party... I had been under the impression that Miliband still had control. I suppose that shows just how "closely" I follow UK politics.